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"Jon's Colorado" ~JHLevins

Join me for watercolor classes in 2024 & one day watercolor workshops


June is upon us and with it comes an end to painting flowers with students at the Mill in Cazenovia. July we are going WILD, wildlife that is. Owls, kitty cats...a children's book I always loved ;) we may buzz around one class painting bumblebees and end with students choice. It's going to be a fun month!

July we will paint our world with landscape being a focus. Classes run Monday and Tuesday's  9:30- 12:00, contact me to register

I'm at the studio quite a bit though my hours tend to be inconsistent. It's best to give me a call first and then please stop in for a cup of coffee, artsy converation and a look see.


Visit my art shop. Hand picked originals, prints, stationary and much more straight from my studio. You can shop directly at my print site,


~ Judy

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"The White Dress" - JHLevins

The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to.

Frida Kahlo

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