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Basic watercolor supplies for classes with
Judith Haynes Levins
  - 2023
The following is a list of beginner supplies for classes. Sourced from Cheap Joe’s Art Supply. Student may
purchase supplies wherever they choose, however this offers links for easy access. Art supplies are expensive,
purchase as individual budget allows.
PAPER: I recommend Arches 140# cold press paper. Other brands of papers will do as long as they are 100%
cotton. Please no Strathmore student grade. Student grade will not allow for desired results. Arches come in
sheets, pads and blocks. I work with large sheets torn down to 11x15. Students purchase what individual budget
allow. Day workshops will use minimum three 11x15 sheets and month long classes will use minimum twelve.
One 22x30 sheet 140# cp arches $10.97 = 4, 11x15 pieces
10 x 14 140# cp watercolor pads $21.73 = 12 sheets

PALETTE: a palette is needed for keeping pigments and for color mixing. As you progress on your artistic journey I
recommend the John Pike large well palette, however a small palette to start is fine. If purchasing please be sure
your palette of choice has a lid and mixing area. The link below takes you to Cheap Joes travel palette for $3.89

PAINT: I use Daniel Smith Extra Fine watercolor pigments. Any brand is fine as long as they are professional
grade. Please no student grade paints. Some pigments come in 5ml. and 15ml. Prices range from $10.00 - $15.00 per tube
Cobalt blue
Cerulean blue
Burnt Umber
Hansa yellow light
Neutral tint
Opera pink
Ultramarine blue

BRUSHES: please have a round, a flat and a rigger. See link below for beginner brushes if you don’t have any.
Bring what you have to class and we can make recommendations
$16.09 - #12 round
$19.69 - 1” flat
$8.19 - #1 rigger

painting surface/gatorboard: you will need a surface to tape your paper too. Gatorboard is water resistant
and light weight. A 11x15 boards is $ 12.39

MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLIES: paper towels, water container, soft lead pencil, spray bottle

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