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Paint your world in every size

I found a new size arches block. It's tiny, only 4 x 10. It's perfect for that quick sketch, a plein air moment, or a small painting when you need to feel that you've finished something yet don't have a large chunk of painting time. I like to paint daily as I think brushmiles are the only way to improve. This tiny size is perfect for getting those miles in.

I did a few paintings of my world yesterday. Both are of Balina Road, which runs horizontally to my life on the Lane here. You know I like to paint my world ;)

I took the "Purple Shadows on Balina" a bit larger and used my arches sketch pad. It too is perfect for the plein air life.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned as I continue to paint my world here in Upstate NY.

This is "Red White and Blue View" its of the farm on Balina, one of the farms on Balina. I did take some liberties with the house on the left, it's white, in my world it became red ;)

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