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Moose Obsessed

I have an obsession with the Moose

...not not the animal, though they are pretty magnificent. I'm obsessed with the Moose River that runs thru the Adirondacks and Old Forge NY. It's beautiful, natural perfection and place where I can sense a greater power. I've painted it in every season but winter.

There is something about it, the light, the changing flauna and flora. There really isn't a spot that isn't paint worthy.

For my husbands birthday he took a week of vacation and one of the days we traveled to Old Forge. He is a photographer among many other talents and I wanted to share with him some spots on the Moose that I had seen this past summer. I knew he would love it as much as I. I was right. He snapped photo's and I painted. Now we are both Moose obsessed :) It's a good thing in a marriage, if one is obsessed by something, having the spouse join in justifies all sorts of time spent mooseing. lol I think I just made up a new world, "hey hun, let's go mooseing today". I have a feeling that's going to be said a lot in the future.

Some of the results of "Mooseing in the Spring". Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

"Paint your World, create some beauty and share the joy" ~ Judith Haynes Levins

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