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Losing Steam

I'm losing my desire to paint every day. I think I need to get out and get some new inspiration. I haven't been feeling all that well either, might have something to do with it. Anyhow, what does someone paint when they can't figure out what to paint? Themselves ;) I attempted the dreaded self portrait. I use to paint people all the time, I've spent so much time practicing landscapes that I've become hesitant with portraits. I'm not happy with these, but maybe tomorrow I'll try again. Practice, practice, practice ;)

I Think these are for 24/30 in the Thirty in thirty challenge.

I still owe you all a few more days don't I? I've painted...let's see I have some landscapes to show you.

22/30 "Winter Road" Upstate NY

25/30 "Summer Road" Cazenovia NY

23/30 "Fishing in the Adirondacks

A winter road in Upstate NY, A summer road in Cazenovia NY and fishing in the Adirondacks.

Thanks for looking everyone! See ya'll in a day or two :) ~ Judy

"Paint your world, create some beauty and share the joy!"

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