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Slowly becoming real...

It's been ages since I've taken the time to write down some arty thoughts, I think I've perhaps been too busy playing with my paints. Much has happened in 2023 in my artistic journey.

I think top excitement was having a piece juried into the Adirondack National exhibit of American watercolor, a show I've entered 8 years and have been declined for 7 of those eight. This year Ken Call juried my painting of Calvin, my beloved cat, in and awards judge Sarah Yeoman deemed in worthy of second place. Calvin also had his portrait juried into the Women in Watercolor International exhibit and took the award of Finalist. My buddy boy sure did get around and I always said he was the the Brad Pitt of cats because he was so darned cute, now everybody knows that xo.

I also moved my studio from my home to a brick and mortar location in Cazenovia. I subleased for a year to get my feet wet. I opened it up for classes and filled every one, I held two exhibits and painted numerous pieces there. It worked so well that I have signed the lease for the full space for 2024. It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, but I'm secretly really proud of

myself for taking the plunge and becoming "real"...well at least real in the eye of society, I always was real, just more quietly at home :)

The art season is winding down, Fall is big art show time,

I still have a piece hanging in the CNYWS juried exhibit in Cooperstown NY. It's titled "Tiger Stripes" it too is a cat portrait and also received an award, Judges choice. It's been a happy dance year in the award area, I'm so grateful that people seem to be enjoying my work.

It truly means the world to me if I can create something that makes somebody feel something.

Classes are filled and I'm also taking a class, there's always more to learn, that's what is great about being creative, the journey never ends and it's never boring.

I'll try to update more and get even more real by creating an email list that I can send updates to my followers. I feel fortunate to have those that have hung with me even though my communication tends to be lacking.

Happy Fall everyone, stay tuned....xo Judy


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