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February ~ Painting Pains

Hi Folks! Its been a bit since I've written anything. Why? You asked, right, ;) well...I've had surgery. I had my gallbladder removed...finally. I say finally because it's been acting up for many years now. Other complications caused it to be deemed unable to be removed when it really needed to be removed, so I lived with the pain. Last month the pain got too much and it was time to say goodby. The Doctor said it was full of stones, the largest was as big as a half dollar! Good lord, no wonder I was having issues. Really when I think about it, I think I should give myself a pat on the back for living with this for so long and continuing to slap a smile on my face thru the pain. The Dr. said I must have a high tolerance for pain...don't know about that, but one does try to do their best, lol I don't have time for this, things to do, places to go, people to help. Right :)

I've been painting here and there and have had good days and bad days of recovery. Though I will say, good riddance. I think once I'm fully healed I will be very relieved. I'm so very excited for the upcoming plein air season. I have a new car that can handle dirt roads and I have a new body, still need to get rid of some pounds, but I have a good attitude and that counts for much :)

Let me look and see what paintings I can share with's been a little off, either my recovery or my aching for Spring...or and *listen to this...

when your artwork is suffering and you're not getting the results you desire, it means something is about to change in your work. Change is good, it has growing pains, but once those are over usually (fingers crossed) something beautiful happens.

I continued with selfies for a bit. This one I played with my features. Can you guess how? Here's a hint, I titled it "Blue Eyed Dreaming". It's a different approach than my usual don't you think. Softer, much more subtle than my usual attack the paper and splash about lol.

Then I divided a 9x12 into four sections and did a little expression study. I actually kind of like how this turned out. Maybe keep it as one piece and title it "Selfie Expression". In addition it's a good exercise, paint fast, paint all at once, get in, get out.

One more, I'm looking a bit uppity and stuffy in this one. I was trying to be serious, lol I think I just look aloof, oh my!

Next I visited summer. It's snowing here on the Lane again and the weather, that had started to warm up, dropped. So since mother Nature isn't cooperating with me, I visited summer in the studio. Aren't we lucky as artists to be able to do that. Immerse ourselves in something, create our own world...hey, "paint your world". See why that's my motto ;)

Old Forge, NY the main road thru town. Quaint shops, great eateries, always busy. I loved the tin roofs and the giant evergreen close to the road. So very Adirondacks :)

This is the "Old Forge Boat Rental". Another busy happy place. Summer sun beating down, people setting out for a days adventure on the water. I think I can see a hint of the change in my work in this one. Impressionism, love it, want to paint it...I like a loose expression, still understandable of subject yet not so literal. I want people to feel something when viewing my work. I want to share the moment. I hope you all get a sense of the sun, the crisp clear day. I hope you can feel the mood, happy and a bit excited for the potential of the day out on the water soaking it all in. Yes? No?

I think that's it for the month...wait...oh yeah my wise guys I titled, "The Lookouts", again visiting summer in my mind. A visit to Lake Ontario where I was greeted by these cute little guys. I snapped photo's. This was two summers ago. I remember I tried painting them at the time unsuccessfully. Two years later and many brush miles I feel better about the results.

Can't you just hear the conversation between these three, "hey Joey ya see anything ovah there", "Nuthin here Tony, nuthin ta'll Tony", lol it makes me giggle ;)

That's it for February work. Thank you All for looking! See you in a bit and here's hoping for Spring! ~ Judy

"Paint your World, create some beauty and share the joy"

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