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Turning Nothing into Something

I have work to do, I have a list, lots of things to cross off...what am I doing sitting in my chair with my laptop then. I'm soaking. I'm thinking, feeling a bit guilty about it, but not guilty enough to get up and attack that list ;) Do you do this too? For myself I think it has something to do with the creative mind. My mind needs times of quiet to think, to create, to wander and ponder. I remember many a time being "caught" sitting quietly staring into space and told to go do something or asked if I was feeling o.k.. I sort of would have to shake off my trance and address the person that was in front of me either concerned or accusing. You see I may look quiet, but inside my head it's very noisy. I'm making plans, envisioning paintings, figuring out process, subjects, colors, lines, light... all being planned out. Now that I'm teaching more, that too takes a few hours to sit and think, inventing interesting classes, how to teach them, to sell them. Real life aka laundry, cleaning, mundane tasks that all require our attention, haven't even come into play yet this a.m. it's all been thinking about next week's classes, what would be the most interesting subject for my students, how best to teach it to them, how much time it will take. Each student hears things differently and requires individual means of getting across process for successful painting journey's. So yes, I'm sitting in my chair looking like I'm doing nothing, The next time somebody asks me what I'm doing when I'm in my soaking trance, I'll reply, "I'm doing nothing and it will very soon turn into something. The more nothing, the better the something will be."

watercolor portrait of woman sipping coffee
Morning Ritual - self portrait JHLevins


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