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Don't be Boring

You're boring. You aren't being interesting. You aren't sharing you, the real wonderful you, your creativity, your passion, the reason why you paint, you aren't sharing your adventures that inspire your creativity. You are being BORING, That is my answer to the statement I hear all the time from my fellow artists "I can't sell anything".

That's the truth, the cold hard truth of it. Why DO people buy art then? Well...they buy people, they buy when they see something in your work that effects them, they buy your adventure so they can be a part of it, they buy your lifestyle to be part of that, they buy your art to be part of what is special about you and how your work makes them feel. If you don't share that part of you, then yes, nobody will buy your art. People need to connect with others. We as artist communicate through our art, we need to let others be part of that communication. "But how do I connect with others", is inevitably the next question. The answer is, Social Media.

What a time we live in! As artists, it's a time that we've never before had, such opportunity to connect with masses of people from all over the world. "Social Media?, you mean that Facebook thing?" Yes, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram... "I wouldn't know what to say or do?" well for start...don't be boring ;)

You can start by opening an official business page on Facebook. Fill the content with your interesting artistic life. Show folks how you do what you do. Post step by step photo's of a painting in progress. Tell the story of when you hopped a fence to get the photo of the cows and were chased by the bull. Invite people into your world. Why? Because people buy people, they want to connect, we all do.

I'm not saying social media is the only place to sell your art or to connect with people, but if you're not utilizing it, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Recently I gave a talk/instructional session for my local watercolor society on Marketing your Art on the Internet. Facebook was a huge part of it, with the basics of opening an art page separate from your personal page. Why do that? Are you a professional that wants to sell? Then why, may I ask, would you post your art only on a personal page? Aunt Suzie can only buy so many paintings, eventually you're going to have to go outside friends and family if you want to keep yourself in paper and paint ;) Taking yourself seriously and approaching your art from the business side is part of that. Why would potential buyers or patrons take you and your artwork seriously if you don't. That was a big one folks, let me repeat, WHY WOULD POTENTIAL BUYERS OR PATRONS TAKE YOU AND YOUR ARTWORK SERIOUSLY IF YOU DON'T.

You know it seems a lot of people for some reason think art should be free. I don't understand that. I went to college for art, I worked hard and an education was purchased. Some artists are self taught, they educate themselves by going to workshops, reading, studying. We all continually educate ourselves with seminars and workshops to improve our talents. We paint, we draw, we put our heart and souls into our art, we stress, we strive, we don't give up...It's friend went to school to learn to be an electrician. He works hard too...nobody suggests that he should do what he does for free. Why then is art to be less valued, it's called artwork, it's hard blankity blank work.

When you begin to open up and share your world wonderful things will happen. You meet art lovers from all over the world. Once you let people into your world, they let you into theirs and relationships are formed. I have "met" some wonderful folks that started as customers and have become friends. We have connected thru my art. These are people that I never would have had an opportunity with if it wasn't for social media. It's actually very special. and the very farthest thing from boring ;)

So, how do I sell my artwork...Don't be boring...

"Paint your world, share your world, spread the joy"

thank you for reading,



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