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Voices in my Head

Some days in my daily painting efforts I get frustrated. I feel myself tightening up and not producing what my mind is telling my hands to do. Those days usually happen when I listen to voices other than my own, when I allow the negative words of others in. I don't think people mean to... but sometimes the wrong word said in what was thought to be encouraging, can do the opposite.

When that happens it can burrow its way in and do some temporary damage. What do I do when that happens? I play! I throw paint, I experiment, I let the paint do what the paint wants. I often think it does that anyways and if I let it do what it does best, then that's when the magic happens.

See, none of us are in control, it's all an illusion ;)

Florals to me are the perfect subject to play with. Plus I need some color in my world today. The calendar says it's Spring...but this morning the Lane was covered in a crisp white frost....this too may be contributing to my mood ;)

One big sheet of paper (a failed painting on the other side SAVE EVERYTHING) and I grabbed my mop brush & my new extended point brush, and went to town. I went on instinct, I didn't plan, I let the paint and myself have fun. Shouldn't painting be fun? I think we all torture ourselves too much. We try sooo hard and in that trying is where we lose it. Play folks, enjoy it. After all it is only paper and paint :)

After playing for a bit I felt those voices fading away. The voice of the creative took over and I knew it was time to take those new voices to a fresh sheet. I continued to play, but I planned a bit first. A loose sketch and some thought to composition.

I give you "Beebalm and Petunia's" ~ watercolor 8x8 on arches 140#cp Painted from a photo of my last seasons garden.

Thanks for go PLAY and listen to your own creative voice, it has something to tell you :)

~ Judy, happily "Painting my World" and "Living Life on Lane".

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