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Painting my World

If you follow my art, you know that I'm all about painting my world and sharing it. Why do I do that? Well, it's actually for selfish reasons. You see I'm not always sunshine and happiness...I want to be... but some days I get a little down. On those days I've learned the way to get myself out of my "mood" is to count my blessings. I have many and I am so very appreciative of each and every one of them. Painting my world and sharing it is a way to realize many of those blessings. To remind myself of the good & beauty in the world, to hopefully help others that may be in a "mood" to also see beauty in our world.

The day to day drudgery life activities can bring one down. World events can be overwhelming in our feelings of helplessness. Some days there's an abundance of negativity..., but if we change our frame of mind and look, really look, there's always something positive, something beautiful. So I paint...

Day 2 of Leslie's thirty paintings in thirty days. If you haven't checked out her blog and all of the, I think almost 1000 artists participating, please take a moment to go see everyone's beautiful worlds they are sharing. Inspirational is the least one can say :)

Our for a Sunday drive, something my husband and I love to do together, I see all sorts of natural beauty. I snap photo's as we putter along. Some I paint right away, others I file for future inspiration.

Down a dirt road, around the corner, up a hill and "slow down Babe!". A beautiful old yellow school house that had been converted into a home glowed in the cold grey day. I NEEDED a photo ;)

The sun was trying to break through the clouds and created a soft glow in the sky while some of those yummy cobalt snow shadows appeared in the foreground. It had to be painted.

Day 2's offering, a watercolor "The Yellow School House" 15x22 on arches rough, with Daniel Smith paints.

Thanks for stopping by! Find your beauty, paint your world, share the joy. Together we can be a positive force in our world. ~ Judy

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