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I'm at my fourth painting in for Leslie Saeta's Thirty paintings in Thirty day challenge. January in Upstate NY is a good time for such a challenge, as my world is usually frozen and white. I get a little house bound at times and daily painting is a good distraction. I love PAINTING snow, I DO NOT however love snow ;) It's not my favorite season and when we moved here four years ago from Virginia, the thought of the long winters was one of the things that had me...nervous? Not sure that's the word, but anxiety and a bit of anger about it it combined to make me unsettled in regards to all of that frozen white stuff that hangs around way too long for my liking.

This snow season has started off with a bang. It's hasn't gotten to me yet, get back to me in March and if it's still a white world...well...

Anyhow, this white world of the winter months, I look for color in the snow. There really is a lot of color in white. It reflects, so everything around it is in it. Somehow with the snow as a background, buildings that I would otherwise not see, pop out at me and I appreciate them more. Driving along the other day I took note of a grouping of houses, a patriotic neighborhood, Red, White & Blue. "Hmmm, that would be a pretty painting", I thought. "Stop the car!" I just love those moments...stop we did and I snapped a photo.

I give you for 4/30: "Red, White and Blue Winter" ~ watercolor 9x12

"Red, White & Blue Winter" watercolor by JHLevins

Thank you for stopping by to see my white world that isn't so white. See you tomorrow for number 5. Paint your world, create some beauty and share the joy!

~ Judy

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