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Barn Week on the Lane

It seems that I'm painting a series in this thirty in thirty challenge. It actually wasn't intended, however so far it looks like it's barn week here in the studio on the Lane. You see, I paint my world and right now the prettiest thing in my world is the snow covered landscapes of rural upstate NY. The red barns with the cobalt mountain backdrops are a thing to behold. I'm totally a sucker for a weather worn chippy barn against a crisp winter sky :)

This was a fast one. I had attempted painting a blue colonial and it didn't go very well, so I did a quick sketch of this and decided to push it slightly further...I offer "Red Barn on Right" 9 x 12, watercolor.

I'm going to attempt the blue house again, I will get it right...hmm maybe if I give it a barn I will be happier with it...

Thanks for looking and taking a moment to read about my journey. Paint your world, create some beauty and share the joy! ~ Judy

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