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Do I Dare?

Do I dare post day 6 on day 5!? I'm doing it! Yes I was THAT girl...the one that always had her homework done...expect for those first years at University when I discovered the keg party...but that a story for another day, lol.

Day 6 of thirty paintings in thirty days.

"Power to the Country" a teeny tiny one 6x12 watercolor

Honestly I think I will be painting another for this entry and will edit this post to add it, but in case I don't get to it...Christmas still needs sorting and putting away and people are coming over this weekend...can you tell my mind is going a mile a minute ;)

If you popped over to check out my progress, drop me a note. I'd love to hear from anybody out there LOL

See ya'll tomorrow, or maybe an edit later today.

"Paint your World" ~ Judy

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