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This week is about finding your peace. How one can "chillax" in this forever moving, forever chaotic thing that is our lives.

Hmmm, I thought about it, I sat in my chair by the fire, pulled the afghan up over my legs, my Calvin cat instantly jumped on my lap and began his routine of kneading and purring. Hmmm, where do I find peace. Head butt from my buddy Calvin, "Mumma, pet me" I stroke his fluffiness, he purrs louder. I stare at the fire, boy that sure does feel nice, all warm and snuggly. Calvin agrees and settles down, burying himself in my lap. Peace...let me think about that as I just put my head back, maybe I'll just shut my eyes... only... for a... second... just to... think about how to... to... find... peaceeee... zzzzz.

For number 9 of 30 I give you my beloved snuggle buddy, my best Bud, the (as his Papa & I proclaim) handsomest boy in the world, aka the Calvinator, BudMan, the one and only Mr. Calvin Levins. I love him so very much. He brings me peace, right Bud, "yes Mumma, prrrr, stop thinking and lets nap".


Thanks for stopping by! Peace to you and yours from Calvin & me ;)

"Paint your world, create some beauty and share the joy". ~ Judy

*Minor Update

Something in the upper shoulder was bothering me...I went back into the painting and softened the white area also added some darks. Calvin agrees it's better now ;)

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