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Peaceful Sunrise?

It's "Peace Week" on the Lane. I decided I needed to find peace and to paint it. I'm not feeling very peaceful ;) I'm irritated and moody. Today I painted sunrises, glorious beautiful winter sunrises. Who doesn't feel a sense of peace gazing at the glory of the sun warming the horizon. A promise of new day unfolding. We had such a sunrise today here on the Lane. I even braved 4 degree snow in my slippers to snap a few photo's, before the pink skies turned to the winter grey.

Here's when my mood set in, the day turned grey, cold, quiet... I wasn't feeling it, I couldn't find my mojo. I painted three sunrises. I got out my Quinacrodone paints from Daniel Smith. I love those paints, yet something wasn't right. Do you have those days? Your hair gets in your eyes, you have a slight headache, the cats are fighting, no milk for your cereal... I just was kinda not feeling it. I painted anyway. In the end I think I pulled off an o.k. little painting. However, I wanted a BIG painting. I wanted to embrace color, I wanted impact. I'll try again, maybe later this week I'll find my mojo, I whistled, "here mojo, come out, come out wherever you are".

I gave up and painted the other view, what the sun was shining on, guess what that was? Yup you guessed it, a barn, lol. Now I'm in my comfort zone ;) This month is determined to be about the barn, lol Oh well the best layed plans as they say ;).

I give you number 10 and 11 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days. "Winter Sunrise" and "January Sunrise on the Lane" both watercolor.

10 &11/30 watercolor by JHLevins

10/30 "January Sunrise on the Lane" watercolor by JHLevins

11/30 "Winter Sunrise" watercolor by JHLevins

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