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True Love

I'm almost halfway to thirty paintings in thirty days. Today I've painted number 13. A big thank you to Leslie Saeta for hosting this online challenge of painting 30 paintings in 30 days. It's a perfect thing to participate in during the month of January while the weather prohibits one from getting out and about.

This week I have chosen "peace" as a theme for the work that I do. It's actually been difficult, as what brings me the most peace is being outside in the sunshine breathing in nature, kind of tough to do in January in Upstate NY ;)

So I've been working from photo's and trying to think 'inside the box' or rather, inside the house, lol.

This morning I met my friend Maria for breakfast up town at our local diner. Her daughter just graduated college and is visiting. I had yet to meet her. I love how Maria speaks of her daughter. Don't you love it when parents are in love with their kids, I do. You can just tell how much she admires her daughter by how her eyes light up when she thinks of her.

I walked into the diner and found them at a table, both jumped up and Maria's daughter gave me a beautiful smile that lit up the room. I gave her a big ole hug.

Conversation flowed, I see why Maria's eyes light up, her daughter is wonderful, I knew she would be.

Sooo, I'm suppose to be painting about Peace...well sometimes being in the presence of other peoples happy brings more peace than anything else. Such love is beautiful, it's filled with joy, happiness, peace and all the good stuff of life. My friend Maria, when around her daughter is so very much at peace. She glows with it. She is more Maria, does that make sense? She's more comfortable, happier, content and peace. They are special. Thank you two for allowing me to witness your relationship and to bring me into your glow for a little while.

Number Thirteen I give you,

"True Love" watercolor by JHLevins

Paint your world, create some beauty and share the joy!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Judy

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