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It's a Three-for

I haven't been feeling very well and haven't picked up my paintbrushes for a few days. I do have some paintings that I can put in the challenge as I paint more than one a day. I paint and paint, I discard and choose at the end of the day the one I favor the most. So in a situation like this, that I haven't painted, I'm using my fall backs. It still counts right :)

Thirty paintings in thirty days and I give you a three-for.

18/30: "Adirondack Stream". Painted from my photo's this summer. This was a spot off the side of the road. Not sure where I even was :) I climbed over the fence and down a hill. Plopped myself on a rock and painted. I also took photo's so I can paint again without hopping the fence

19/30: "Grey Manor" Out for a ride down the country roads here in Upstate you find so many beautiful homes. This one was quite fancy out in the middle of nowhere. It had seen better days, but I can imagine it in it's glory days. It must have been a Wowzer.

and for 20/30 back to some sunshine. I literally haven't seen the sun in a week :(

"Floral" a small one 8 x 8

I hope to be back at splashing again tomorrow. After all I made a commitment and I hate to back off a commitment even if I'm not my usual paint obsessed self ;).

See ya'll tomorrow and thank you for stopping by. ~ Judy

"Paint yor world, create some beauty and share the joy!"

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